Gone to Die (Lucy Kendall #3) - Stacy Green by  Stacy Green PDF Download

Gone to Die (Lucy Kendall #3)

By Stacy Green

  • Genre: Mysteries & Thrillers, Books
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<b><i>It’s time to come face to face with pure evil.</i></b><br>
Lucy Kendall can no longer run from her own dark truth. Locked inside the torment of her mind, she’s struggling to find a reason to stay alive. <br>
Until Chris Hale vanishes after a confrontation with his mother–serial killer Mary Weston. <br>
With only a puddle of blood in the snow and a few cryptic email messages left as a trail, Lucy must play nice with an FBI agent who claims to know about her bad deeds. <br>
When a secret from Chris’ past shatters everything Lucy thought she knew about her closest ally, she’s forced to consider a terrifying question: How easily will Chris bend to his mother’s evil will?<br>