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Living Victim

By Stacy Green

  • Genre: Police Procedural, Books, Mysteries & Thrillers, Hard-Boiled
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Delta Crossroads reader favorite Cage Foster returns in this exciting new mystery/detective series.

When a hoarder is found dead in his bathtub, Cage Foster believes he's dealing with a natural death. A perimeter search reveals a hidden horror, and clues point to the kidnapping of a local girl once presumed dead.

Cage races to find the girl, but family matters interfere, pitting Cage's loyalty to Dani against the sworn duties of his job. Complicating matters is the newly appointed Delta Regional Medical Examiner-a woman with no intentions of confining herself to the morgue.

A girl's life hangs in the delicate balance of Mississippi's Homochitto National Forest. Will Cage find the living victim before it's too late, or will her death haunt his conscience?



    By ABrantley
    Living Victim by Stacy Green is the perfect example of an author showing the readers rather than just telling them. The descriptions in the book completely immerse you in the storyline and make the book impossible to put down. I'll warn you though, there are graphic scenes that aren't for the weak of stomach. If you love Criminal Minds, you're going to love this novella. Off to start reading the next one in the series now.