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Mafia Queen

By CD Reiss

  • Genre: Suspense, Books, Romance
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Book three of three in the epic mafia romance trilogy, The Dilustro Arrangement.


  • Dark and thrilling!

    By 95one
    This book! That ending was superb! MAFIA QUEEN is the twist worthy conclusion to the DiLustro Arrangement trilogy that we were waiting for with baited breath from the moment we experienced that cliffhanger from Mafia King. This story was pure Mafia Kindle crack. I was consumed with every word and didn’t come up for air. What an utterly mind-boggling! It oozes with lust, love, desire, danger, power and control. and drags you deep into its darkness, intrigue and suspense that it is rolled up into one deliciously dark and twisted package. You feel every ounce of pain, every slice of betrayal, lies, murder, and revenge—it will keep you on the edge of your seat to find out what happens next. Violetta and Santino were the perfect match for each other—they got their strength from their love for one another. “Love rules without rules.” After a couple of incidents that occurred, Violetta was put into an impossible situation to find the Crown where she had to plot to show her strength or wither away or acquiesced. Violetta developed a backbone, and she was a force to be reckoned with. Did Violetta prove that she was worthy to be the Mafia Queen? The explosive attraction and passion between Santino and Violetta is unparalleled, it is off-the-chart hot! Their love story is so passionate and emotional that it took me through several emotional gamuts and and pushed all my buttons and boundaries. What happens next? Well, read this amazing story and find out—you won’t regret it! There are several twists and turns within the story that will tempt the characters in ways they could have never envisioned. C.D. Reiss delivered a no holds barred dark Mafia romantic story that grips the readers to the core as she unleashed an unfiltered, gritty, powerful, intriguing, and calculating story.