Hear No Lies (A Lucy Kendall prequel novella) - Stacy Green by  Stacy Green PDF Download

Hear No Lies (A Lucy Kendall prequel novella)

By Stacy Green

  • Genre: Mysteries & Thrillers, Books
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<b><i>She’s covered in blood and on the run.</i></b><br>
Lucy Kendall has a secret life. She kills the pedophiles she couldn't stop when she worked at Child Protective Services.  <br>
So when one of her former charges comes to her, desperate for help finding a friend lost in the foster care system, she knows she has to move fast—and when she discovers the teen’s foster parent has been murdered, her worst fears are confirmed.<br>
Time is running out, the stakes are high, and the consequences may be too dire to survive. Can she find the lost girl before it's too late? <br>